Perhaps upcoming specific reason with the stretched generations all of a sudden looking during the brand new heraldry can come so you can light

Perhaps upcoming specific reason with the stretched generations all of a sudden looking during the brand new heraldry can come so you can light

Perhaps upcoming specific reason with the stretched generations all of a sudden looking during the brand new heraldry can come so you can light

I do believe Tim would-be posting new scans of the photo so you’re able to their web site, and certainly will blog post one link to the fresh newsgroup.

Re: Wingfield Coats-of-Palms

connectivity of the players, (the fresh new Wingfields was indeed researched fairly well, and even after my typo on Howard family unit members, I do have the pedigree precisely annotated within RI) >>

I don’t know this is an exact report. Do their guide address the age bracket *prior* to John Russell who elizabeth the parents from Age Russell who yards Sir Robert Wingfield ?

Re: ? Comyn partner of Malise

You will find the next so you’re able to fill in some of the gaps your tell you forthe high-grandparents of Reginald ce Cheyne. One of many primaryadditions comes from their paternal granny (NN on the post) havingbeen Mary de Moravia (als de Moray), brother and coheiress of Freskinde Moravia regarding Duffus (their unique mothers Walter de- Moravia and you can Euphemia ofRoss arrive below). There is the question as to their maternalgrandmother: We keep she is actually Joanna de Menteith, second wife out-of Malise,Earl regarding Strathearn. This should no less than bring an almost explanationfor Joanna’s child Helen from Strathearn (partner successively ofReginald le Cheyne, the daddy, and of Sir David de- Graham) beingnamed to have Helen de Menteith, aunt of Joanna and you can wife off Sir ColinCampbell away from Lochow (d. bef Get 1343).

Sadly, I think discover additional openings in Muriel Keith’sancestry (get a hold of less than). Concerning possibly enhancements proposed towards tablesbelow, excite indicates of every listed issues, or what documentationmight imply people mistake detailed.

I have holes in both ancestries, but fiercely in that regarding Reginald.Having Muriel Keith, their own high-grandparents We show1 William de Keith d bef 12932 Barbara Seton

I am not aware of people files giving support to the character from the spouse while the Barbara Seton. difference between american women and Escondido, CA For those who have listed one, please suggest.

step three Alexander de- Synton4 NN5 Alexander from /Fraser/ Chamberlain out of Scotland d 3 Aug 13326 Mary de- Brus, Baroness /Fraser/

Sir Alexander Fraser hitched Mary Bruce (or de- Brus), together with a beneficial young man John recognized as ‘nepos’ of Robert _the_Bruce. That it young man is actually a more youthful John, not, and not their heir. John Fraser, later lord away from Aboyne, try this new young man from a first relationships (which wife unknown; You will find that it to your expert away from Andrew MacEwen).

step 3 Walter de- Moravia (child from Hugh de- Moravia, and Annabela away from Fife) 4 Euphemia out-of Ross (dau. of Fearchar, first Earl from Ross and NN deBrus)

5 Malise, 6th Earl away from /Strathearn/ bef 1281- d Agnes NN maybe Comyn d aft 13097 Sir John de- Menteith (young buck from Walter Stewart, Age off Menteith and you will

The latest consanguinity ranging from Muriel Keith and you will Reginald le Cheyne -recognized to was basically an excellent-grandson out of Malise, Earl from Strathearn (d.1312) – ‘s the sole research (in the event the indirect) that these a couple individualshad one or more ancestor/ancestress in common.

You will find openings in ancestries, however, fiercely where of Reginald.To own Muriel Keith, their particular higher-grand-parents I show1 William de Keith d bef 12932 Barbara Seton3 Alexander de Synton4 NN5 Alexander off /Fraser/ Chamberlain regarding Scotland d 3 Aug 13326 Mary de Brus, Baroness /Fraser/eight NN Fraser8 NN

For Reginald ce Cheney it’s sparse1 NN Cheney , 2 NN, step 3 NN, cuatro NN5 Malise, sixth Earl out of /Strathearn/ bef 1281- d Agnes NN perhaps Comyn d aft 13097 and you can 8 NN

Re: Agnes Beler

Woodford, early 15the century, inside the Leicestershire. Age was the d Villiers and Agnes Beler. Today, I do want to hook Agnes to help you Sir Roger Beler, killed by the Eustace de- Folville, however, I am unable to see one facts about their particular. Can be anybody help?

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